Tuesday, January 15, 2013

B Names

We've had a few people ask if we are sticking with the B names....... YES!!!  When I was growing up and thinking about future children I never imagined we would have a specific letter. When we got Britney her name was her one constant in her life. She would even tell you if you called her a cute nickname (she was 34 mths) that her name was Britney. So we let that baby keep her original name and changed her middle. Before we even had the kids we liked the name Brady for a boy. As a child Riley was fond of a place he visited with his dad named Brady, Texas. So it was fitting. We had our little B & B. Then three years later we found out a full blooded sibling was to be born and how could we not give him a B name too. At first his name was going to simply be Ben but then everyone kept asking us if it was short for Benjamin so we decided prior to his adoption to give him the full legal name of Benjamin. We hardly ever call him that though. Mostly Ben or Benny. So now we have two little surprises coming and again how could we not keep up the trend??? We have a few favorites (including a long list) and once we find out what their genders are we will share. I can't wait! Two weeks to go from today!! What are your favorite B names?

Saturday, January 12, 2013

15 weeks 4 days

I finally have a few minutes to check in :) The old B's started back to school last week, Riley went back to work and Ben went back on Tuesday. I spent the week picking up things I didn't get to over holiday break, catching up on laundry, shopping and really over doing it, lol. On Monday I had an appointment with my thyroid specialist and all my labs looked great. The only thing he wants me to do is add an extra Synthyroid on Sundays. That way I don't lack from what the babies take from me as I get further along. Everything seems to be going along nicely! Other than some pretty bad migraines (that end up with me vomiting a few times) that's really my only complaint (I hate to even use the word complaint). I still feel like they are weather related though because it always seems when I get one of these headaches we are expecting rain or a cold front to push through.

I'm so happy to have made it 15 weeks! Once a week we use the doppler my friend mailed me to check their heartbeats. Every time (at home and the doctor) they've been consistent in the 150's. It really gives us peace of mind between appointments! Only 17 more days until we find out what these little ones are! I am CRAWLING the walls and so excited!! I have absolutely no idea what I'm carrying. Friends have asked if I have any inkling but I really don't.  Lots of dreams about a little girl but I think that's just because I will have a disappointed little girl if she doesn't get a sister. We have also started gathering a few things. On one hand it seems a little soon because I'm still really early in this pregnancy but not wanting to live in fear we are trying to enjoy every moment. Which means planning and gathering things. So far we have picked up a double Baby Trend snap & go stroller. The price was too good to pass up. Found it on clearance at Target for $50 (reg. $99). Since I'm not doing a nursery I splurged on the diaper bag I wanted from  Vera Bradley in plum crazy. We've also started stocking newborn size diapers (and will prob. start on 1's) in the closet. I plan to cloth diaper (like I did Ben) once I have tandem nursing down. I bought Thirsties duo covers and 6 dozen pre-folds plus I still have all of Ben's Bum Genius. Lastly, I bought a Double Blessings double breast feeding pillow (in Mocha). Also, because I'm a planner I started a hospital list and started gathering a few things for my bag like Mother's Milk Tea, CJ Butter in Pink Sugar (diaper rash ointment and it smells so good!!), and Mother Love Nipple Cream. My thought was if I ended up in the hospital early, hopefully I don't, but if I do at least my husband or MIL could come pack for me. An old friend mail me a "mommy" pampering gift and it had this awesome belly oil in it from Mother Love! I LOVE it!! It smells good, not to strong and soaks in fast!

Well, I'm off. I promised my three B's I would watch a My Little Pony show with them. Riley just got back from the store with icecream because we also promised them huge ice cream sundaes later for doing good at school! Yum!!!!