Monday, September 1, 2014

School Organization

Every year my kids come home with a million papers. Some to keep & some to turn in at a later date. With three In school it gets overwhelming sometimes! Last year I was the most unorganized person ever having just had twins three months before school started. I was determined not to repeat that this year!! While at the The Dollar Tree this summer I saw these folder clip boards. I KNEW instantly I had to have them! In the teacher supply section they had large bus magnets that came three to a package. Perfect to stick in the back and who can beat a dollar?!? 

So with a little Gorilla Glue and some printed personalization we had this.... 

Here's the inside (I covered up some private information)

Add a little $1.00 Dry erase board and we have total organization!  

Now mama is organized and maybe just maybe I can keep up with everything!!