Monday, August 26, 2013

3 months old and First Day of school

Can you believe the babies are three months old? Neither can we!!! I also can't believe we have a kindergartner, a third grader and a fifth grader. It's the only year all three older B's will be at the same school. 

Saturday, August 10, 2013

These are the days!!

I can't believe the kids go back to school in two weeks. Summer has really gone way to fast!!! I just now feel like I'm getting around better and thankfully my incision is almost fully closed!!! I think Brady is prob going to miss the babies the most when school starts. I call him little mama because he is always anticipating Brennen & Barrett's needs, making sure they have dry pants, resident pacy helper, spit up patrol, and forehead kisser. I found him sound asleep curled up to the babies beds at 4am one morning. I think he is already having separation anxiety from them similar to that of a mom going back to work. Even though summer has been different than summer pasts (no vacation this year, a little more home bound, no VBS) it's still been fun! They got to see Despicable Me, Brit did ballet camp, swim, have friends over, spend time at Granny's, and crafts with me. Yesterday I loaded them all up and went to our favorite burger joint. They are super excited to go see Planes next week. So I think they've had a fun summer. Next year the babies will be a year old and maybe we can do more things. 

We had Riley's extended family over to see the babies. Riley's dad is an identical twin (did I ever update that our placenta testing indicated the boys weren't fraternal but identical?) so it was cool to have "the twins" holding our twins!!! 

Today we are going to an end of summer party with some of my best girlfriends from high school! Brit is excited that the babies get to wear the outfits she bought for them. Some of these friends and I go back to first grade. I love that we do coffee mornings after all these years!! Last week I hosted and we had 9 kids running around. I love it!! A house filled with laughter is a happy one! 

Ok I'm off, babies just woke up and I still need to get ready for the day. Ill leave you with pictures!!! I wake up everyday excited for all that the day will bring. I feel so blessed to have my amazing husband and all of my B's!