Saturday, November 1, 2014

Dresser before and after

I finally have time to show before and after pictures of the small dresser in the twins room. I've had it done a while and it is wonderful for holding diapers and wipes! 

Here is the ugly before: 

I decided to paint it a neutral gray with an orange accent on the inside.  I made a chalk paint using latex paint and plaster of Paris. It painted and covered so nicely with no priming. I did two coats and sanded the edges so it would look old and not perfect. Once dry I used a soft wax to give it a shine and protect the paint. 

Close up of the knobs:

Halloween 2014

Last night was Halloween!!! I've been working for weeks on the kids costumes! Ben asked me to make him a bad piggies purple vampire costume. I was like what the heck is that?? Turns out his iPad bad piggies game had Halloween piggies, lol. He also specified he wanted to wear ALL purple because it's his favorite color. Brady then came up and said he wanted a bad piggy mummy. So a little craft foam and felt later we had masks. Britney said she wanted to do another costume with the twins!! We decided on Cruella Deville and her captured Dalmation puppies. The twins shirts are some I got Hobby Lobby and then sharpied spots on it. The red shoes were a splurge but they will be their Halloween. Christmas and Valentines shoes! Their little hats will be their winter hats too. I love multi purpose halloween costumes!! Some of Brits I was able to repurpose from her Fancy Nancy party a few years ago! Every year we trick or treat with my best friend at her parents house. The kids got lots of candy and had a blast. Brennen was the only one not happy. We ended up carrying him for half the trip but he was so cute, warm and cuddly. He "talks" so cute and was very vocal last night. Half way through I realized Brady was telling jokes to people who opened their doors after they handed him candy. What a ham he is!! 

Earlier in the day...