Tuesday, October 2, 2012


I thought since I mentioned Halloween in my last post, I would finish showing our decorations. When you have children they get so excited to see the decorations come out. I got everything decorated while they were at school and let me tell you it didn't go unnoticed!! I love giving the kids something fun to look forward too! Last year was the first year I ever decorated for Halloween that wasn't just pumpkins and fall leaves. You can see the decorations I did last year here...

This is this years decorations!!

 Here is my table! I took these pictures with my phone so I apologize if they are a tad blurry. I cut out scrapbook paper in different patterns for the pastry stands. The little pumpkins are super glittery in person and remind me of little pastrys. The black pumpkin was another Dollar Store purchase, spray painted and then a chalk marker to draw the face. Have you ever used a chalk marker? It's so awesome because you can wipe it off and draw something else!

Found this great spider web at the Dollar tree!

The bottles are just bottles I had laying around. Did you know Pinterest has some great Halloween printables... that's where I got mine. Just type in Halloween Labels and you can create your own "potion" bottles!

Got this great subway print from this blog last year! I just downloaded it to Walmart and printed it as a 8x10. Go to this BLOG to get your own print!

The top of my tv cabinet!

Then I was inspired on Pinterest to make this wreath out of pipe insulation, dollar store finds, duct tape, tulle (not pictured) and a little spray paint!


  1. Amazing! LOVE the wreath...you make me wanna go deck my house out now!! :)

  2. Those Halloween decorations are so fun! I'm a boring mom when it comes to Halloween. I'm more of the fall decorations type person but I'm sure it will change as my little ones get a little older.