Saturday, June 29, 2013

Newborn Pictures

I have to stop by real fast and show you how the littlest B's newborn pictures turned out!!! I spent weeks during my pregnancy researching photographers that were experienced with babies!! A friend recommended Everlasting Expressions by Nikki Romero and let me tell you she is AWESOME!!!!! She is a true baby whisperer and so very talented!! I look at these pictures and it reduces me to tears because they are so amazing!! To make things even more sweet they were taken in her living room. I kid you not!! It was such a sweet experience and so private! Riley and I watched in amazement as she loved, held, rocked, and positioned our babies!! We will treasure these pictures forever!!!!


  1. All the photos are adorable!I especially like the first one and third one.In my mind it's how I picture them in the womb.You have a beautiful family,God bless!