Sunday, July 21, 2013


Last week I decided this momma needed a haircut! So I scheduled a cut with my hair dresser (Riley's cousin) and decided to make it a girl afternoon with Brit! We both needed some time away from all the boys....we are seriously out numbered!!!! First we headed out to get some hair supplies at Beauty Brands! I LOVE their annual summer liter shampoo sale!! I stocked us both up on our favorite Bracado shampoo and conditioner (Splassh Daily) and picked up Riley his Crew shampoo.These last us forever!! Our next stop was the Vera Bradley store. They had sent me a 40% off coupon for my birthday and I had some birthday cash! I like to carry Vera totes when i have babies because they are easy to stuff into a stroller, have a ton of pockets and wash easily!! Brit helped me pick out a pattern and we decided on the Mandy purse & Kiss & Snap wallet in the Heather pattern. Yes I'm a sucker for the matching wallet!! Afterwards we headed to my hair appointment!! I got five inches chopped off and I feel like a new woman!!! My hair was all the way down to the middle of my back. While I got my hair done Brit got a manicure. She choose purple sparkle nail polish. When we got done FOOD was in order, we were starving but it was getting a little late. I didn't want to ruin dinner time so we stopped at Taco Bueno and shared a mexi dips & chips platter. I had the best time with her! I love hearing her thoughts, her ideas, how much she's enjoying the twinlets (she said holding them is the best part), can she have blond highlights before school starts, can she ask her ballet teacher to start pointe and the best one can we do this again soon. Absolutely sweet Girl!!

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  1. Kriss, What a fun day! I was thinking of starting Olivia in beginning pointe this fall, but she's trying out for the lyrical competition line. Then I found out that she needs to be in intermediate ballet, so I don't know if she could do it anyhow even though she's done ballet for 8 years and is 11. Let me know if Brit does pointe and what the two of you think of it. I love the sweet conversations I have with my sweeties on "dates". Melts my heart.