Monday, October 6, 2014


Looks like a month got away from me. The month of September just flew and I can't believe we are entering the holiday seasons. September was about getting into new routines and the kids have done fabulous. We had some issues with Britney's school that kept me on the phone for several days trying to sort out (they weren't giving her her accommodations and modifications on her education plan) but once that was sorted things were good. I felt bad that she had to have her schedule changed twice but now that's she's in the right classes we've had no problems. We decided to do a quick room redo for her so she would have a spot to study without four boys interrupting her. She has decided she is tired of her pink and brown accent wall (she wants aqua) so I still need to paint but she now has a new loft bed with study area. She is LOVING it!! 

Loft bed is from Ikea and it's the Stuva collection

I love how it really opened up her room! Now she has lots do room to dance at her ballet bar. 

Brady is doing good in school to. He is so focused this year and is liking fourth grade. We love his math and science teachers but his ELA/social studies teacher is not our favorite. We are making the best of it. I can't believe that in a month he will be 10. It seems like yesterday we brought him home. I can't wait to see his face when he discovers we planned a weekend getaway for his and Ben's birthday. Riley took off on that Friday to help me pack their getaway bags. Then Saturday we will take off and they will just think we are going to lunch. We rented a cabin for the weekend while Riley's parents stay with the twins. Fishing, hiking and s'mores are on the menu! Brady is the sweetest, most giving and loving child. He LOVES his baby brothers so much! He is always loving on them and right in the middle of it all. 

Babies just woke up.... To be cont..

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