Thursday, September 3, 2015

Major catchup

Summer flew!! We were so incredibly busy that we blinked and summer was over! I'll try to bullet point some things to catch up:

~ Britney and Brady took a karate homeschool summer class and loved it!! Britney gets to continue this fall and spring. I feel bad because Brady had to go back to school and won't be continuing until next summer. He is finishing his last elementary year and will transition into homeschool next year. Ben tried to do karate but there was just to much for him to handle sensory wise and he opted to not do it after he went to the first class. Brit also did a social art class with 10 other girls for 8 weeks. 

~ this summer we also tackled a very hard emotional diagnosis. We finally have it confirmed Ben has high functioning autism. On one hand it makes us sad but on the other we have always known he was on the spectrum somewhere so it's a relief to know. Now we can make sure he has services at school/privately to help him be his best. He is the most amazing child and he has probably taught me more than I've taught him. 

~ I spent some of the summer planning my inlaws 50th wedding anniversary! They didn't want anything to big do we opted to host a luncheon with their best friends. It was so fun to plan! I'll put up pictures of that in a seperate post. 

~ I also spent the summer planning Brit's seventh grade homeschool year, attending some homeschooled leadership meetings, and a workshop. 

~ Riley and I took the older kids to Great Wolf Lodge for a mini vacation. The twins stayed with granny and papa so we could focus on the older kids. We had so much fun!! 

~ Brady and Ben started school. Brady is in fifth and Ben is in second! Britney started seventh at home. 

~ The twins started speech. They aren't talking and have to go for a sedated hearing test next Friday. I took them to a hearing specialist in Dallas that put in my mil's cochlear implant. Since she has an implant and their great great paternal grandparents were both deaf we decided it was worth making sure they can hear fully. We tried the booth but they were just to little to coorporate. Barrett does not turn his head when you call his name or respond to loud noise or any noises really so I'm worried. 

~ Brennen saw an orthopedic hand surgeon and will have surgery in Oct. He developed a trigger thumb right before his 2nd birthday and it did not fix itself. I'm so sad he will have to be put under again for this. 

~ homeschool is going amazing! She is doing math, grammar, reading, Latin into to Spanish, art history, choir at a fine arts academy, karate & typing. We start at 8 and finish core subjects around 11. She gets a big break plus lunch and then works 1-3 except for Monday's since choir doesn't get out until 2:30. We don't homeschool on Fridays. I think she has learned more in the two weeks we've been schooling than all last year and the biggest thing.... She is smiling and happy! Which means I'm smiling and happy!!! 

Now for some pictures!  

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