Friday, February 15, 2013

Half way baked

Well this week I made it half way!!!! 20 weeks! My doctor told me 19 was my half but I like even numbers, lol! On some days it feels like this pregnancy is flying and on others I don't feel pregnant at all. Sometimes I wish my ultrasounds were weekly to confirm everything is going good. I try though to focus on the good.... No headaches in a week, no vomiting, sleeping good/comfortable, and no blood pressure issues. Preeclampsia scares me silly and I hope this isn't an issue later. When I get scared I pray and thank God for letting me get this far, to let them bake longer and keeping me healthy.

I'm actually typing this at Starbucks on my new IPad mini!! Killing time and resting while Brits in dance. I used to run to Target or errands but come 5pm on Fridays my belly feels heavy and I like to conserve my energy for when I get home. The boys are at granny's and Riley was headed to go pick them up!

This week I bought the babies coming home outfits! My friend is going to do appliqué and embroidering on them for me! I've had a lot of fun fabric shopping too for the items I plan to start sewing this coming week! Now if I could just get the organization done so I can find time to sew!!!!

Well I better be off. I need to do some work on my Shaklee before my times up!!!!


  1. KRISS!!!! I had NO idea! We were with Rebekah, this weekend, and she said, "Isn't that so cool about Kriss!" I didn't know about this awesome, crazy, God-moving, miracle until she told me. Now, I have to go back and read through the story!!

    I have been so wrapped up in the boys this year that my blog reading has been pretty limited. I missed out, girl! :)


  2. Okay, now I feel silly. I read through your entire pregnancy story (incredible)....and I DID know. I remember reading your Target story awhile back...and I commented on it :). I must not have made the connection that it was YOU, my God-given blessing. Regardless, I am fully up to speed, now, and couldn't be more excited. You are so deserving of this crown.

    Yah, God!