Sunday, March 3, 2013

22 weeks 5 days!

The kids are tucked in, Riley's taking a shower and maybe just maybe I will have a few minutes to write out a blog post :) So much to tell!!!

On Tuesday I had my check up with the specialist (exactly 22 weeks along). I took my MIL along because I thought she might enjoy seeing the babies on the big screen! My blood pressure was staying low, no proteins, and my fluid was good. Baby A was measuring 22 wks 4 days and is 1 lb 4oz. Baby B was measuring 22 wks 1 day and is 1 lb. Both have four chamber hearts which the doctor said we wanted. It was hard to see on Baby A how it was flowing out so they will check that again when I go at the end of this month. Baby A is already head down and Baby B is transverse, which explains were I am feeling little feet kick me :)  Can I just stop and say that is the most amazing feeling and Riley got to finally feel them this last week!! Back to my appointment, I'm always happy when they don't find any obvious problems!! I get really nervous when I go to these appointments because I don't want them to pop my happy bubble!! As my doctor (I actually saw a different Dr that day in the same practice) is doing the scan I mentioned that I had a gender scan for Baby A and it showed a girl. So she went up to Baby B (who is transverse) and confirmed once again he is a BOY. Then she went down to Baby A. I knew the minute I saw the screen that Baby A was NOT a girl. I said out loud, "That is a penis isn't it?" The Dr said, "Uh huh, are you sure they said girl?" I said, "I have the picture at home that is pointing and says, "It's a girl." So my Dr would scan some things on Baby B and then go back down to Baby A. Every time she would get the "goods" I would say, "Yep that's still a penis." Poor Dr checked five times to make sure and then checked to make sure there wasn't a third baby hiding that was our mystery girl. My MIL had an ear infection and couldn't wear her hearing aids so she couldn't hear what we were saying but she could tell my face was a little sad. So I left there with the realization that the girl we thought we were having for almost five weeks was really a boy. I won't lie it was a little sad because we were attached to the name, the thought, the excitement of buying girly things (and lets be honest, there are a ton more cute baby girl things than boy things) and the realization that I had a little girl at home to break the news too that she wasn't getting a sister. :( Not to mention that meant I had a few girly things at home that would need to be returned to the store. I let myself be "sad" for that day, to grieve I guess is the best way to put it and tell my husband/our kids. The next day though I got excited for the extra son I will get to have. We came up with a new name, returned some items this last week, made new duplicate purchases that we had already bought for Brennen and called baby shower hostesses to tell them to halt the pink, lol. Now we are all set to bring home Brennen Levi and Barrett Rylen. They just need to grow grow grow!!! 

I'm still a little shocked our she is a he but I feel so blessed to be pregnant and got over it pretty quickly! I was reminded that this isn't the first time I've had to change my heart for something else (adoption versus pregnancy). Brit and the boys took it really well. They were initially disappointed but when they saw we were excited about another boy they went with the flow! I saw a sign on Pinterest that sums everything up perfectly. 

They weren't able to get a profile picture of Brennen that day because he was moving around so much. This is a profile picture (with his knee up to his chin) of Barrett. 

This my bump at 22 weeks 1 day

I've had several people/online friends ask for my registry information so I thought I would put it here too.
Babies R Us 

This week is our 15th wedding anniversary!!! Who would have thought we would be 23 weeks pregnant!! Can't wait for our little anniversary getaway coming up (turned baby moon, lol!!). 


  1. Oh wow! I can't imagine the shock of learning the girl is a boy! So glad everything is still going well for you.

  2. I think you took the news better than I did, and they aren't even my babies! ;)

    I know you know you are blessed no matter what. Can't wait until summer is here!