Tuesday, March 5, 2013

Perfectly Posh Review

Today, instead of talking about the pregnancy or my family, I'm going to do a few product reviews!! My friend was gracious enough to send me some samples of some Perfectly Posh products to pamper this mama. I've taken my time using each of the products and now I want to share my experience!!!

The first product I tried was Sugar Fix.

It's an all over body sugar scrub. I decided to use this before shaving my legs. In the past I've used a few sugar scrubs and the first thing that comes to mind is OIL! We all know what oil means....a slimy tub/shower to scrub afterwards. Being almost six months pregnant scrubbing an oil ring is not on my high list of want toos. I am happy to say this product IS NOT OILY! It's smelled sweet with hints of honey and almond. It felt great to the skin, just the perfect amount of "scrub" that didn't leave you feeling scraped or raw. It rinsed very clean and made my shave very smooth! I would give this product an A++++ (It got an extra plus since I didn't have to scrub my tub!!)

After shaving my legs I moved to the second product called Sassyooma Cocoa Butter.

The first thing I noticed was the smell. It smelled like a cross between fresh squeezed orange juice and dreamicles. It was a very rich cream that was very smooth BUT didn't leave you feeling greasy. It soaked in fast and the smell started out a little strong but then softened to a sweet citrus. I was very pleased with how it make my legs and hands feel afterwards. I loved how thick it was but didn't feel heavy. I've used Cocoa Butter before and it left me feeling waxy. This didn't do that at all! I really liked the smell too! I would give this product an A+.

 A few days later I decided to try the Hot Salt Sha Bang which is a deep muscle warming salt scrub.

 It lists that it has capsicum it in. I expected it to be warming in the shower but I didn't really notice the warmth until after I got out of the shower and settled into bed. My skin started to feel a slight warming and it was very relaxing. I slept pretty good that night which is crazy considering I don't sleep much getting up to pee so much. :) The scrub was similar to the the sugar scrub, in that it wasn't oily (YAY!!) and didn't leave my skin feeling stripped. I will say that out of both scrubs I really liked the Sugar Fix the best but I did like the warming effect of this product. It was the perfect warmth with no burning. Would definitely be great after a long day of walking or tired shoulders. I would give this product an A+

Afterwards I used a Shea Butter called Sister, I'm a Poet.

 It wasn't as thick as the Sassyooma but it was whipped, went on pretty light (non greasy) and soaked in fast. This was a light floral scent that wasn't too overpowering. I really like that Perfectly Posh doesn't have any cheap fillers and is paraben/paraffin and sulfate free! I also like that they are soy and gluten free! They are also cruelty free which is a plus! I would give this Shea Butter an A. I think I would like to try it in a different scent. The website lists several different scents to choose from!

If you would like to try some Perfectly Posh my friend Lindsay would love to help you!! Visit her website HERE
I would love to know if you order and what you think of the products! LOVE LOVE LOVE Sugar Fix and the Cocoa Butter! Those will be my next purchase in getting ready for baby! Love how it made shaving easier and made this mama feel great Thanks for reading my review! Thanks Lindsay for sending me some awesome products!!


  1. Hi! I have followed your blog for a long time, I didn't realize you were still blogging so when I checked I couldn't believe your news! Congratulations!!!!! So excited for you!!!