Wednesday, March 13, 2013

So many positives this week!

This is just an awesome awesome week!!! Since I'm short on time I'll divide it up with bullets.

  • Having my children home from school!!!! Getting to spend time with them all day makes me so happy!! On Monday we worked on their rooms organizing toys and trying to figure out what they need summer wise. When did they get so big?? Then Britney and I decided she needed a major haircut. She was tired of sleeping in a braid (if she didn't her hair would be a rats nest the next morning). So we talked about donating her hair to Locks of Love and she loved that idea. We cut off 7 1/2 inches. Locks of Love said the minimum was 10 inchs but we are going to mail it off and let them sell the hair to cover the costs of making hair pieces. We hope her hair helps another child get a hair piece!! 

  •  Tuesday we spent the day doing what they wanted which was watching movies, having lasagna for lunch and then making HUGE M&M cookies together! 
  • Today Ben had speech and OT so the old B's got to go spend time with Granny (since therapy is 2 hours I didn't think they would have fun sitting waiting on Ben). When we got done we headed to picked them up and then we all headed to the Burger Box! Of course we had to get ice cream afterwards because you can't go to the Burger Box and not get ice cream! After that we headed downtown to get several bundtlets from Nothing Bundt Cakes to celebrate (more on that in a minute) after dinner! We got to taste test the flavors and they LOVED that! We ended up getting Lemon, Red Velvet, White Chocolate Raspberry & Chocolate Chip. We will head to dinner with his family and then back to eat cake! I'm going to be sad next week when they go back but summer is around the corner! Riley took the cover off the pool (well the crazy wind we had helped that along) and started the salt filter going. The kids are ready to jump in and trying to explain that it's too cold right now is not being well received, lol. 
  • This week we hit a major milestone in the pregnancy! 24 weeks which means viability! I thank God everyday for getting this far (with no complications) and letting us experience all of this together as a family. Britney always wants to know what size of fruit the babies are equivalent to. Brady always puts his ear to my belly and says he can hear them clapping and he will kiss it over my clothes. This morning he said, "Mommy, your looking big." Thanks buddy, lol. Ben just wants to count the months left. This morning I told the kids I was six months pregnant and Ben said, "You have April, May and June left." He is so smart! Tomorrow we have our 3D/4D sonogram. Getting a glimpse of them will be fun!!
  • So what are we celebrating you ask? Last month Riley got a pretty nice raise! Then last week he came home and told me that his boss asked him to submit a resume in for a manager that is leaving and he needed to do it that day. Then he had an interview the next day. He got called in to the office and told that he pretty much had the job but HR needed to approve it. We found out yesterday they approved it and it should take effect in the next week or so! This is very good news for us because it is a major pay raise! When I first found out I was pregnant with twins I panicked inside because I knew it was going to mean we needed a new vehicle, the expenses that come with children, dr visits, etc. Riley is always the voice of reason and said, "God will take care of it and he didn't give us this to abandon us." God has provided like he always does. Thank you Lord for all your many blessings. Life is happy and life is good! 
  • Lastly, tomorrow Riley and I are getting a little anniversary getaway turned babymoon! LOL! The kids are super excited to go spend a few days with Granny & Papa. MIL told me today that she has tilled up a section of her yard to let them plant a "secret garden". They are going to LOVE that! They are also looking forward to filling up all the bird feeders and feeding the birds (that's a huge spring/summer project they do with Granny because she has so many feeders).  
Well, I'm off to go finish packing my bag and stuff for the kids. :)

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  1. Britney is so pretty and good for you for sending her hair to Locks of Love!

    Sounds like an amazing week! I hope the rest of it continues to be as great!