Tuesday, March 26, 2013

26 weeks

Yay, I have a few minutes to stop in and give an update on my appointment today. Britney didn't have any homework, Brady only had spelling/reading and Ben had reading. Brady was at the table doing his spelling while Riley ran up to the store. I told him, "I am going to go take a fast bath and then you can read to me." While I was soaking he knocked and asked if he could read to me while I soaked, he thought the babies would like to stay in the bath longer, lol. How could I say no to that, lol. So he read to me and then Ben came in and read his little book. I like multitasking like that!!

Today went really well at the specialist and I have entered the 3rd trimester! whoohoooo!!  I love seeing my babies wiggle around and snuggle. My weight was good (only 12 lbs in 26 weeks), no proteins, and the doctor was really happy with my blood pressure. I'm so happy it's staying steady and responding well to pregnancy safe medications! Baby A was measuring 25 weeks 6 days and Baby B was measuring 25 weeks 1 day. Even to be measuring different the estimated weight for each is 1 lb 15 oz's. Yay, they are so close to be 2 pounds apiece! Baby A is head down but Baby B is breech and face up. The specialist asked if I had talked to my ob about delivery. I told him that we had discussed a c-section and the reasons. He made my day when he said, "In my early days I would have said a vaginal birth was better but if Baby B isn't in the right position you do risk them not turning and following A. Asking a mom to delivery both vaginally and then c-section is just cruel and unusual punishment." I'm happy that he is on board with a possible c-section because he will be the one to tell my OB when we need to deliver. I don't have to go back until week 30 and then he will start seeing me every week. He was happy about my glucose test and wants me to do another one which I have scheduled for week 29. I hope I pass that one and avoid GD all together! I'll leave you with a belly picture. March 26, 2013 / 26 weeks