Thursday, April 4, 2013

27 weeks 2 days

Just wanted to check in! Today started out a little busy. Ben started running fever last night so I knew he wouldn't be going to school. I felt bad having to drag him along to my thyroid appt but he was a trooper and Angry Birds was a great distraction! My appointment went very well and my labs couldn't be more to my ears! That means (since I don't have a thyroid) that I'm getting what I need from supplementation as are the babies. He wants me to have labs again in May but I don't have to drive the 30 minutes to his office to get the results! Again that was music to my ears because the highway there is under all kinds of construction!!! Then after I have the babies he wants to see me in July. I can handle that!!! After the appointment Ben and I stopped for him a slushy and me some water. When we got home he wasn't interested in lunch so I scarfed down a quick bite and then we curled up together for a much needed nap! While I hate that my baby is sick curling up with him was blissful! Thankfully I had set my phone alarm to wake up and pick up the older B's!!! Ben woke up with another fever so looks like he will be staying home with me tomorrow. I hope he wakes up in the morning at least feeling better. I hate it when my kids are sick.

Let me back up a little....
Last week my husbands office threw us a shower!!! It was so much fun and we got some awesome items off our registry!! Very thankful!!! They had lunch and a cake ready for us in a conference room. Here is me before the shower (I took the pic in my daughters room because she has the biggest mirror).

****not sure how the pictures will be arranged since I'm on my iPad.

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