Monday, April 15, 2013

28 weeks 6 days

It has been crazy busy around here. Getting Brit to extra ballet recital practices, working on "before the babies come" list, replacing some appliances and just everyday life equal busy times. It's been exciting times too!!! I found out all the kids will be able to go to the same school this year which is 1) AMAZING and 2) A BLESSING!!  The second exciting thing is my high school friends (we have occasional coffee mornings) threw me a mini shower! IT was so unexpected and so lovely!!! The theme was Ba.BEE's! LOL!

Here is a picture I took yesterday morning. My belly enters the room before I do now, lol!! I was 28 weeks 5 days.

On Friday I will have my second glucose test.....please let me pass it!!!
Then next Tuesday I will see the specialist again. I can't wait to see the babies and make sure they are both growing like they should! My feet have been swelling a little but I think it's because I've been on them way to much.

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