Sunday, April 21, 2013

First trip to Labor and Delivery

On Friday I had my second glucose test. My doctor wanted me to do a second one since we are pregnant with twins. While I was there my blood pressure was registering high. We had been prepared that as the pregnancy progressed this would be an issue that might pop up. I was feeling fine just hungry and tired from getting up early, getting Ben to school and then fighting morning traffic to get to the appointment. My doctor was worried that this was start of pre-clampsia even though my reflexes were great and I didn't gain a ton between appointments. So he sent me home with a 24hr urine collection jug and told me to check into Labor and Delivery at 11am on Saturday. I was a little worried because he said that if I was starting pre-clampsia he might need to admit me for the rest of my pregnancy. Eeeeeekkkk! I was like, "Dude, my baby shower is coming up and I don't want to miss that!!!" In all seriousness though, if that is what was safest that is what we would do. So yesterday we checked into L&D and turned in my collection. I won't lie, I was afraid I was not going home after this. They instantly took me to a room, had me change into a lovely blue gown and drew some blood. The first nurse stuck me twice and said I have super tiny veins. The second nurse came in and she was super pregnant. She said she had five weeks to go. Her belly was bigger than mine, lol. They hooked me up to a blood pressure monitor and then three separate monitors. One to measure contractions, one for Baby A and one for Baby B. I'm always telling Riley how active the babies are but the monitor really showed him. Their heartbeats were great and every time they kicked or moved you heard a loud thud. I also wasn't haven't any contractions! Which I didn't think I was but it was reassuring to hear that I wasn't. My blood pressure was really good and only really went up every time they kicked me. Their kicks are strong and sometimes hurt. My labs came back all perfect, no ketones and no proteins. I was there about two hours and then my doctor said, "Send her home she is great!" Whewwwww!!! I do think my blood pressure is an issue though because I'm monitoring it at home. It's been super high (gives me a certain headache) but I see the specialist on Tuesday and we can talk about it then. I'm on the lowest dose of medication and I remember him saying that the one I'm taking isn't his favorite and he has some to move me too that might work better. So wiggle room is nice!

After the hospital we called my in laws since they had the boys and had taken Brit to dance for us.  They told us to go enjoy a meal and do what ever errands we needed to do. So we stopped and had a nice lunch at Johnny Carrinos. I was STARVING! Then afterwards we went and looked at Ford Expeditions. Riley is looking to get one sometime in July. Then we headed home. It was nice to get a little "date day " in!! :)

Here's to hoping that I don't have another L&D trip until these babies are ready!!!

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  1. So glad everything was ok and you got to go home! Hopefully they get your blood pressure under control, I'm sure they will. In the meantime, take good care of yourself momma!