Monday, September 2, 2013

Chandelier Redo on a Budget

We had a pretty relaxing day today!! It was much needed!! We also took apart the boys room, cleaned and made plans for ripping out two closets to put in organizers and measuring for new beds & cribs. Then I talked Riley into helping me with my Chandelier redo! The original kitchen chandelier is 8 years old and I was ready for a change plus it had an unfortunate accident when we had some friends over. A few of the tear drops on it got broken but I hadn't gotten around to buying new ones. Recently, I decided change had to happen to the kitchen! New paint, new light, new fabric and new wall decor!!! Then after scouring Pinterest decided I would just redo our existing light and save some money!! I'm soooo happy that's the route I went!!! I haven't painted yet but I have the paint... Dior Gray from Benjamin Moore. I found the fabric I want online but before I order it I want to run to a fabric store locally that carries it to make sure it's perfect (I can get it cheaper online). Ill be sure to post my progress as I go!!! Lets start with the light!!!! I'm in love!!! 

Prep work: we took off all the old crystals and used my favorite degreaser on the light/crystals to clean it..... Shaklee Basic H! You can find it on my Shaklee website 

Did you know Amazon sells Crystals for weddings and events? You do now!!! They come in lots of colors!! We bought four boxes to do this redo and used some existing clear tear drops. Then carefully used jewelry pliers to restring the crystals to the length/design needed. 

Aren't they beautiful!!! 

So ready to take those plates down!! 

Possible fabric for my small kitchen window 

In love with this paint!!! 

Thank you for visiting my page!! 

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  1. It's amazing how just a little change in the chandelier can make a huge difference! I can't wait to see how everything else comes together. The fabric and paint color are gorgeous!