Sunday, December 8, 2013

A wreath, a room redo, a Christmas tree.... Oh my!!

At last a real entry! We are literally iced in!! The kids and hubby got snow days on Friday. The last two days have been so relaxing!!! Pajamas, movies, coffee/hot cocoa, online Christmas shopping and staying snuggled under the covers!! Roads are bad! So bad in fact my coffee girls family Christmas party got cancelled tomorrow. Since we are a busy group of girls thankfully we got another date on the calendar before Christmas!! Since I wasn't cooking for the party i was able to get a new bright fun christmas wreath finally made!!!

I mentioned online shopping,..... Best thing ever!!! I think I've gotten about 90% of my shopping done as well as Brits birthday, a dress for her to wear to Uncles wedding and the twinlets first birthday toys (thank you Kohls sales with free shipping and 25% off the total!!) 

Won't Britney be beautiful in this!! 

So besides being incredibly busy running a house, getting kids to & from and taking care of twins I've been redoing some of my house!! I'm excited to show you some pictures!!! After ordering two high chairs Riley and I sub combed to the fact our dining room wasn't working. We had ordered a new table way before I found out I was pregnant. Our dining room wouldn't fit the table and two high chairs. Then we had a brilliant idea to switch our front living area (we have a den too) and dining area. Omg it makes it feel like a new house!!! 

This is my old dining room... Sorry this is an old picture... I forgot to take a new one before redoing the room. :)

New Room before we painted! 

Laying out our gallery wall!!! We traced our art work onto random old wrapping paper!! 

With in paint and gallery wall!! The paint is called Romantic Overcast. I had found the color at Walmart but had the paint done at Home Depot!!

This one of my favorites on the gallery wall. I made the design on pic monkey and then printed it on muslin (used the freezer paper technique). It's hard to read at the angle I took the picture. Under the seven it says, "2+2+1+2" (order of how how our family was created!) 

With all the babies stuff out we decided to buy a new Christmas tree a d set it up in this new walkway room!! 
With new tree up!! 

Milton Jingles our elf always leaves the kids pajamas, advent candy and a movie &/or family game on December first!! 

Here's the new dining room!!! We aren't going to paint until after Christmas. (The baby pictures have been moved to the gallery wall and my cherry picture hung, I haved had a chance to retake a new picture). The room accommodates our large family as the table can stay extended out to 108 inches all the time!

I did get my kitchen finished it! This pain pt color is Dior Grey by Benjamin Moor

That's it for now!!! Five children are up and we've got a fun day of being iced in, relaxing and wrapping to do!! :))))

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  1. You are so clever to think of switching the rooms. I LOVE the paint colors! Your gallery wall in the new sitting room looks great . . . I have a few of those pieces, too! I think our decorating styles are similar.