Sunday, February 23, 2014

The month flew by....

I only have a few minutes but thought I would stop by real fast. I can't believe how this month has just flown by!! It's been an exciting one! Lots of fun days with crafts and baking!! We had valentines, Brit's birthday, took Aunt Kelle out to dinner and yesterday Riley's widowed uncle got remarried!! The wedding was a total family affair and was a ton of fun!!  Riley and I were also able to schedule a few lunches out together!! For Brits birthday she wanted a grown up dinner out with just us and then back for cupcakes and presents. It cracked us up that she choose Red Lobster because someone told her about coconut shrimp. We also got some excellent news in that Riley got another raise, a bonus and will begin working from home 3-4 days a week in the coming month or two. This is very exciting for us and the kids!! God just keeps pouring on the blessings!! 

I need to run but here are some fun pictures of our month.... 

Homemade cupcakes for Brit's birthday

Birthday hair!

Redid her bed for her! 

Kids and I made the teachers valentines gifts! 

Perfected my biscuit recipe

Dipped fun treats in chocolate

Drink our favorite February blend of coffee!!! 

Did wedding hair! I wish I had her hair!! I sure do have fun doing it for her! 

Played with makeup!

Fit into a pre preg dress to go out!! Yay!!!

And took a new selfie after playing with makeup!! I see a lot of Brennen in this picture. 

Made the babies outfits to wear to the wedding!! 

Hope you all have a wonderful week!!! I'm off to go get my back to school Sunday night routine done! 
-Kriss :)))) 

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