Monday, June 2, 2014

Third Grade Graduation

Down two ceremonies and one to go! Today's was Brady's! I can't say enough how proud I am of our sweet boy! Last year he had a really tough year and hated reading.  We also discovered he had a speech problem resurface which was effecting his ability to read/sound out letters. So we immediately put him in speech therapy and what a difference it made. The school even had a meeting to see if we should consider holding him back to help his reading. It was decided we would work really hard over the summer and he would continue on to the next grade because of how his birthday falls. I am so glad we decided to push forward. This year was so different! His teacher was amazing and he had a complete change of heart on reading once he could produce the sounds.  He would come home every day and get right to work on his homework, which was a huge improvement from the year before. He fell in love with The Magic Treehouse books and I kept him well stocked in chapter books. He made A/B honor roll all but once this year. He also passed both the Math and Reading STAAR tests!! Whooohooo!!! At the awards ceremony today he got the Most Improved award and it was well deserved!! His daddy had made him a deal if he did awesome during the year and tried his hardest he would order him a HUGE lego set he wanted. So it looks like he earned that lego set!!! Way to go Brady!!

(I blurred or blocked out other children's faces. I'm uncomfortable putting other kids on my blog without their parents permission.)

Brady and his teacher

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