Monday, December 22, 2014

Brady's 10th and Ben's 7th Birthday

I'm a little late getting to this, lol. November FLEW! I can't believe I've been a mom for ten years! If you had told me ten years ago I would have five children I would have thought you were lying. I always kinda of consider Brady to be my first born because I got him first and I had him for two weeks before getting Britney.  I won't lie, going from no children to two children at once and the next month my husband having emergency surgery was prob. one of the scariest adult moments in my life. Much of that time is a blur trying to keep up with CPS, our agency and attorney's plus just learn how to mother and bond with an older child. These last ten years being Brady's mom has been amazing! I love that child so very much and he is the most tender child I have ever met. I see him with the twins and my heart melts a million times over because he loves them so much. His new thing is to pick them up and just cradle them in his arms and kiss all over their heads when he comes in from school. Talk about melt me! They let him too, lol.  He completely understands too that he is adopted (but very much wanted) and the babies came from my tummy. He talks about it often and loves to hear the story of how we got him. I always say, "You were born in my heart and the babies were born from my tummy and thats how God made us one big happy family." He smiles so big when I say that. I also can't believe my little Ben is now a big Ben at seven! One of my favorite things to do is cuddle with him while he sucks his thumb (only at night when he really really tired) and holds his favorite stuffed Applejack pony. He always closes his eyes and he has the longest lushest eyelashes.

For their birthdays we had decided to surprise them with a "camping" trip. We usually camp for their birthday but since the twins had been born we hadn't been able too. Since we weren't able to book the trip until later in the month we went ahead and through them a small home birthday party with pizza and a cake! They came home from school and I had the dining room all decorated! I spent a couple of days making most of it!
Walking in from school and seeing it all decorated (sorry it's blurry)

Bird nest cake!

Riley always gets their favorite breakfast with a candle on their birthday
Ben's favorite breakfast

They LOVED their party!!  Then two weeks later we went camping at Jellystone Park in Burleson! WE had so much fun and our cabin was awesome!!

I honestly didn't get that many pictures because we were so busy riding firetrucks, running around, swinging (my kids love to swing), making smores, and bounce houses.

I'm going to say that they had an amazing birthday!! :)))

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