Thursday, January 15, 2015

Happy New Year

I'm sitting here watching my twins climb up on the loveseat and I'm pained at how fast 2014 went and how much they are growing. When did they learn to climb? In five short months they will be two. Weren't they just born? Over the weekend a friend of mine who is having twins bought our infant seats, snap-n-go stroller & two extra bases. They are also going to purchase the bouncy seats, pack-n-plays and ever saucers over the next few months. While I'm so happy that another family can use it and we re-coupled our expenses it was hard to sell it.  Wasn't I just pregnant? Wasn't I just shopping and picking out the perfect items for my babies? While there is a little sadness over the material aspect of having babies there is the unimaginable joy these two bring our entire home. I feel so blessed to be home with them and getting every wonderful moment of their babyhood! They have such different personalities. Riley and I are just amazed at how easy they are. 

I LOVE LOVE LOVE this picture! I couldn't find Barrett and this is how I found him.

So far 2015 has been great! I've been in the middle of planning Brits 13th birthday, gathering Valentine items and trying to purge my house. Brit is so happy because she has the Friday before her birthday off from school. Her granny and I plan to take her to lunch and clothes shopping that day. On her actual birthday Riley and I plan to take just her out for a yummy breakfast and then to James Avery to let her pick a bracelet style and get her the 13 charm. She loves my JA charm bracelet and we thought 13 was a great age to start that but age has proved with her other jewelry to be responsible with it. She has no idea the plan but I know she will love it! While we are out we will run by Nothing Bundt Cakes and pick up the cake I ordered her. Normally I make her cake but she loves the White Chocolate Raspberry from there and we thought this would be a nice surprise. I plan to add some decorations to it. Then later that evening we have a small family party planned with cake and presents. She has been asking to redo her room colors to purple and teal as she is sick of pink. I found her the most beautiful hand made quilt for her bed and once it's delivered I can get paint to paint her one colored accent wall and work on curtains/decorations. I had bought her bedding for her last birthday but I had found it all for under $50 at Ross and it's been well washed and used in a year. I can not wait for the quilt to get here! She knows about the quilt as I checked to make sure she liked it but because it was on an auction site she doesn't know I bought it! 

I can't not wait to dive into her room and get it all set up and fresh! 

I took her to a tea house over Christmas. Who is this teen and what did she to with my little girl? 

She did some boot shopping at her favorite store. 

Riley and I took her to Texas De Brazil at Christmas and downtown afterwards to enjoy the Ft Worth Christmas tree. 

It's incredibly hard to get a picture of all five kids, lol.
 They are everywhere....

I'll update with Christmas and New Years next!

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