Monday, December 28, 2015

Erin Condren Planners

Are you a planner like me? If you are then you need to check out Erin Condren and join the planner world! I have been using her planners for a few years now. I LOVE them! When you have a family as big as mine you need lots of room to write and Erin's planners meet that need! Today I felt giddy to pull the new one I ordered in September to start writing our 2016 plans and schedule! I consider this a staple for the year and gift to myself! The best part about it was I got $30 off of my 2016 because she has an amazing rewards program!

I LOVE how you can personalize the covers. You can also make or order new covers to fit the seasons. Who doesn't love personalization?!?!? These also make a great gift!

The calendar layout provides big spaces to write which are a huge plus for me!

The Erin Condren Life Planner also has weekly layouts. I use these to make dinner menus, record exercise, or write memories for my kids baby books!

There is also a section with several lined pages to journal or keep notes!

Included are stickers that fit nicely in the calendar layout to mark appointments or birthdays.

I LOVE the pockets too that are included as well as the perpetual calendar.

Lastly, I love the zippered pocket included with the planner.

The best part about the Erin Condren Life planner though is her rewards program!! Use my link to signup and receive a $10 OFF coupon for your first purchase! Then check out her rewards program so you can TOO earn rewards!!

There are also Facebook groups that are dedicated to Erin Condren. If you decide to purchase one look up Erin Condren on Facebook.

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