Wednesday, December 9, 2015

It's starting to look like Christmas

How fast Christmas snuck up on me!! This year we decided to forgo our normal ornaments on the tree and let the kids make decorations. The twins are in such a chewy curious stage....chewy is an understatement. Oh my gosh I have NEVER had children who chew on everything in sight. The furniture, toys, their clothes, cabinet knobs, and even me a few times (their teeth hurt!!). I'm bringing up a set of beavers for sure. So we didn't want glass balls or our keepsake ornaments to end up looking like a puppy attacked them. When we went camping the kids collected pine cones to decorate the tree with. Then Riley and I had a date night and afterwards went to Michaels to grab a few fun items to make ornaments. On the Saturday after Thanksgiving we spent all day at the table crafting. The kids and I were in our true elements! Crafting with my kids is my happy place...besides shopping, lol! Riley told me later that he had so much fun! Brady helped me make 30 feet of dot garland. He punched out circles and I glued them onto jute ribbon. They colored wood ornaments and made bead bake ornaments with Riley. My favorite though are the pine cone people!

Britney drew this for me!

Ben's ornament

Brady's ornament

Our elf Milton Jingles was so good to bring the kids pajamas, a movie and a game!

When I look at the tree I think about that Saturday when the Christmas music was playing, my kids were crafting at the table, and how happy they were to decorate the tree!

After Christmas shopping we went to Red Robin. It wasn't to cold so we ate outside and enjoyed the night air and the Christmas lights!

Bundled up at the restaurant!  

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