Thursday, December 13, 2012

11 weeks 2 days

My OB appt went good this morning! I can't express enough how much I really like my doctor. He said he wanted me to have peace of mind so he went to check with the ultrasound tech if she had room to squeeze me in. He came back and said she had five people waiting so instead he grabbed the small ultrasound machine. The picture quality isn't nearly as good but the most important thing is we could see their heartbeats and them!! We saw two sweet babies that were moving all over the place and their heartbeats were good! I told him how on Tuesday I "thought" felt them move because I felt small popping. He said that he wouldn't be surprised as much as they were moving around on the screen. He told me to bring my kids back in three weeks and he would do another sono so the kids could see the babies! I go back on January 3rd. I asked him about seeing the specialist on Tuesday. He said I would definitely have a big ultrasound with Dr. T on Tuesday and that he would be looking for that report. I am so excited I can't wait!

Riley and I have just been having the best time! Yesterday we went to Texas de Brazil and had a fabulous lunch! Our lunch came with free dessert so we opted for the Citrus creme brulee for lunch and then took home a Brazilian cheesecake for later. Later it was too when we dug into it and devoured every bite! Today we had our Dr's appt, finished up some shopping and then stopped at this hole in the wall pizza place. I had a fire baked artichoke, black olive and pepperoni pizza. It was amazing!!

Tomorrow night Brit had her ballet parent special. I can't wait to see her dance! Our sitter is sick so we are going to take the boys with us and then stop at Momma Mia's for an Italian dinner. Great start to the weekend!!!

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