Thursday, December 27, 2012

I'm so behind!

I'm so sorry I haven't had time to update my blog since my specialist appointment. It's been a little busy here to say the least. The husband has been on vacation since the 5th of December (and doesn't' go back until the 2nd) and we did a lot of running around getting ready for Christmas and enjoying our time together. The kids got out of school on the 21st and it was a whirlwind of cooking, baking, wrapping and BAM Christmas was here. So I guess I need to back up a little...

December 18, 2012 - 12 Weeks 0 Days
I had my appointment with the fetal maternal specialist. It just so happened that Ben came down with a fever the night before which meant Riley would have to stay home with Ben since he couldn't go to school. We hated to ask my MIL to keep him because she had spent the last two weeks sick and I hated to take chance with her getting sick again. So she went with me instead. The appointment was super long. The first person we met with was the geneticist and she went over all of my history and possible birth defect risks. Afterwards they put me in a room for the sonogram and that's where I met Dr. T. Both babies were measuring right at 12 weeks and were both approx 2 inches long. He said everything was looking good. He said at my next appt. Jan. 29th he's going to do an ultrasound to check my cervix. He said if it's not closed he will take me to the OR for a cerclage (pray that it's nice and closed!!). I will be 18 weeks at this appointment and we will try to see the genders!!! I'm so excited to find out what they are!! He told me he didn't want me traveling more than an hour from home and that I'm to pay attention to any pains or contractions as I get further along. He did say, "You do realize that you won't have a July delivery?" So it's looking like we are aiming for the second week in June. He said that he didn't see a line on my sonogram for the heart shaped uterus so if the babies are in the right position they will let me try for a vaginal delivery but if they aren't it will be a c-section. Guess we will see what these babies do. Also, that night morning sickness started that night.

December 27, 2012 - 13 weeks 2 days
Ahhh, morning sickness, mid day sickness and evening sickness. Yup I've had it all. I've had some bad headaches and if I've gotten sick I've had a headache to go with it. I'm pretty sure they are sinus related as my bp has been good and a certain tooth hurts that is usual to my sinus issues. As long as my head doesn't hurt I haven't been sick. I've had more headaches than I can count though.  I'm not really showing. I can still wear all my pre-pregnancy shirts. Everyday this gets more exciting!! Cravings are funny. I haven't really had any Christmas cookies or candy. All I want is Popsicles.

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