Wednesday, December 12, 2012

Look on the sidebar!

I put up a poll for guessing the twins gender! Go vote! Today I am 11 weeks 1 day! Tomorrow we have another check up with our OB. I can't wait! Maybe we will get to take a sneak peak at them again. The last few visits I have been to the Dr, he has said, "Let's go take a quick look." I like that! Then my specialist appt is Tuesday and I "think" will have a more detailed sono then! Not sure when we will find out the genders but still thought it would be fun to guess. Everyone keeps asking me what I think. I keep going back and forth and I really don't know. One minute I am just convinced it's two boys. Then I like to joke with Riley it's two girls. He is convinced it's one of each. Guess time will only tell. Of course we will be excited with whatever they are but a little girl would be fun since we've never gotten to shop for an infant girl. I know Brit would have a blast!! Ok, I'll update tomorrow sometime about our appt! :)

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