Saturday, January 4, 2014

Christmas Day

Christmas Continued.....

The kids woke us up around 7:45 and weren't real happy with us that we needed to feed babies first (and make a cup of coffee). That actually went pretty fast and we are able to dive in! I didn't get as many pictures as I had hoped because the boys were jumping beans and just all over the place excited about their new toys. We tried to keep things a little smaller this year for them to open because of their big gift. The older boys each got a large Lego set, Lego Batman Wii, real walkie talkies, scooters, some art supplies they wanted, some Magic Tree house books and Lego books. Britney got Lego Friends, Bath & Body Works, a dress to wear to a wedding, her first heels (she wanted these so badly), some Dolphin books (she is really into Dolphins and Mermaids), and some riding boots. Then all three of them each got a Kindle Fire 8.9 with cases and protective screens!! The baby B's got stacking rings, teething toys, baby silverware and some mesh feeders.

Riley and I had a good Christmas too!!! He surprised me with a beautiful ring with the boys birthstone, at home "laser" hair remover (me power - more on that in another post to come), Vera Bradley purse and matching wallet I had my eyes on, some crafting tools I wanted, some Benefit eyeshadow, and a Skagen ceramic watch!

For Christmas dinner we fixed Prime Rib, homemade mac & cheese, bacon peas, homemade rolls, cranberry orange relish, and a beautiful salad with homemade ranch dressing. For dessert Riley's mom made three different kinds of pies. Although Riley and I had something come up and we didn't get to enjoy pie with our kids which was very upsetting but we made up for it the next day.

Brit opening the heels she wanted...

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