Friday, January 31, 2014

The Skinny on me....

Back on New Years Eve after our fondue dinner I decided that I wanted to make 2014 a year of healthy. I've never been one to make New Years resolutions but keeping up with five children keeping myself healthy is a number one priority. We all know the saying, "If mama ain't happy, then nobody's happy" well it's also "If mama ain't healthy, then it all falls to pieces." Here in our house I'm basically the CEO of Stewart de Casa and I run a pretty tight ship unless I'm sick (or pregnant, lol). Last year being pregnant made both of us realize how much I do, do because my husband had to pick up the slack. I'm also no spring chicken and knocking on 40's door in three years. I've noticed that getting down on the floor to play with babies takes a lot longer for me to get up or recover than it did when older B's were babies, lol. So I decided that I would start my own 31 day challenge. Thankfully I lost all my pregnancy weight in the summer. Now I needed to drop the weight I gained before I found out I was pregnant. The first thing I did was have a FITBIT Flex on Amazon shipped to me (gotta love Prime shipping!). The second thing I did was go to MyfitnessPal and start an account to start a food diary.


  • Lose 25 pounds by the twinlets first birthday. Seemed like a reasonable goal!
  • Drink MORE water! 
  • Start each day with warm lemon water opposed to coffee. Did you know drinking warm lemon water gets your digestive track moving and helps your liver? Did you know that without your liver functioning properly, it can't pump filtered blood back to the heart? You do now, so start drinking some lemon water..your liver will thank you! :) Now don't get me wrong as soon as that lemon water is gone, I have that hot cup of joe!! Gotta have the joe!
  • NO SODA... not even diet.... :(  I don't drink a ton of soda but man I LOVE diet coke. Bad Kriss! It's soooo bad for you and I decided that I wouldn't pump my body with essentially poison anymore. 
  • If I felt like I needed soda, I would carbonate water using a Soda Stream and add it to my healthy drinks. 
  •  Add extra leafy greens to my diet and measure out my protein portions
  • Stay between 1300-1600 calories a day
  • Take my Shaklee Vitalizer vitamins, Vivix and Flavomax (Flavonoids are so important! Flavonoids are parts of the plant that you normally don't consume. It's anti viral, anti cancer, anti inflammatory!)
  •  Cut as much refined sugar and fat out of my diet as I could.
  •  Still allow food in moderation... ummm can't give up my mint chocolate chip icecream :) I will eat salad all day long if that means I can have a 1/2 cup of icecream nightly!
  •  Get aleast 8000 steps a day on my fitbit. Having small babies sometimes doesn't allow for cardio like I would like, so I do it here and there and just try to be active overall. 
 SO here I sit on Day 31 and I am excited to report that I did it and it paid off!!!!
I lost 11 POUNDS! Holy cow! Lost 3/4 of an inch on my neck, 2.5 inches on my waist and 1.25 inches on my hips. Whooohoooo!!!! I feel so good!!! Besides losing weight the best part is my hubby decided to join me in my health quest. He ordered him a fitbit and is eating salads and healthy right along with me as well as taking the Mens Vitalizer and Vivix!!
 Tomorrow I will start another 28 days! What am I going to do differently... I am going to add in some strength training!! 14 pounds to go before I hit my goal!
Are you motivated to work on your health? If so I would love to hear what your doing or what helps you!! Leave me a comment or your blog address so I can follow along! 
Thanks for reading My Journey to Happy! -Kriss :)

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  1. Congratulations; that's amazing!!! I found running last year and it has changed my life! It's been the perfect way to stay calm and healthy...and it only requires 30 minutes of my time a few times each week. I, usually, can get out and back before anyone notices I'm gone :).