Saturday, January 4, 2014

Christmas Eve 2013

My husband took the older B's to Costco, Britney is resting after a slumber party at her Aunt Kelle's and the babies are napping...... yay, I finally have time for a post!!

I can not believe Christmas and New Years is already over! It seemed like it came so fast! Every year I think Christmas is special but this year we really had a great time! The kids are old enough to know traditions and make sure we stick to them, lol. We did change it up a little this year though with babies. We normally do Star Bucks, light watching and visit Santa (our neighbor dresses up as Santa for all the neighborhood kids), watch a movie, leave cookies out for Santa and then to bed. This year we decided it might be better to do those things on Monday instead of trying to cram it all it on Christmas Eve with babies. So on Monday during the day the kids I baked all day long. We made three kinds of fudge, white chocolate cranberry cookies, gingerbread dough and peanut butter blossoms. The boys are my true bakers in the house. Brit was more interested in watching a movie and eating the desserts later, lol. That night we went and looked at light and then came back to snuggle and watch Home Alone. I have seen that movie a million and one times but to watch it with my older boys cracks me up. They laugh hysterically at the scenes where the robbers are getting whipped by a little kid. Christmas Eve was all about relaxing! My brother and sister in law came over to exchange gifts with the kids. My brother smoked a tasty brisket and then left me all the the leftovers. Talk about one happy girl! I feel like Bubba Gump because I have made so many tasty dishes with that brisket... brisket tacos, brisket sandwiches, huge bake potatoes topped with cheese and brisket... I could go on and on... lol! After they left I made a ton of gingerbread men for the kids to decorate that night! Aftewards Brit and I practiced braiding her hair in a new way I saw on Pinterest! We planned the evening perfect because we managed to get in dinner, cookie decorating, santa visit, and then bedtime!

Here are a few pictures throughout the Christmas Holiday and Christmas Eve!

Brit before her Christmas ballet recital:

Out Christmas Shopping/Stopped to feed Brennen

Teacher Gifts:


Christmas Eve:


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