Monday, July 28, 2014

Another build!

I mentioned in another post that we were stopping our craft cottage build to start another small build. Maybe small wasn't the right word for it because it about kicked our booties! Most of it was the heat and the other was it's hard to manage babies plus be outside helping!  We must have been CRAZY to hang siding in 100 degree weather! Big thanks to my older B's who really stepped up to the plate to help us with the babies. So here is my project reveal!!

A few years ago we added on to our house. We had NO idea when we finished that we would end up welcoming three more babies into our lives. To write that makes my heart just weep with gratitude! Our old master is really big (in the addition we added on a new master) and easily can fit all four boys. The problem is our oldest son has a hard time sleeping and once he is  woken up he is UP. So we decided maybe keeping the babies on our side of the house for two more years would be a good idea since sometimes they still wake for a snuggle or milk. We had a covered side porch that has French doors entering our den and a just few feet from our room. I mentioned to my hubby we should make it a temporary nursery and later turn it into a locker room for backpacks and winter coats. He agreed and this weekend we set the plan in motion!! I'm happy to say in two days we were able to build two walls, install a door, and hang hardy board siding! Let me also say we have probably never worked so hard and the heat made it worse! Thank goodness for the pool, gaterade and air conditioner breaks! 
Here's our before: 

First wall up with radiate barrier. 

Long wall with siding the first day!

Finished siding! We both did a dance and high five when we put the last board up!

This is what we hope to turn it into AFTER we are done using it as a nursery! (This was a photo I found online and I'm not sure who to give photo credit too). 

Next up is electrical, adding the register for a/c, sheet rock, texturing, paint, flooring and trim. It's going to be many late nights of work and a few weekends but I'm so excited for this to be finished! 

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