Thursday, July 24, 2014

Checking In....

Hi Friends!! I finally have a few minutes to check in! We are having a jam packed summer! Between swimming, craft activities, meeting friends, party planning (stayed tuned because I've got fabulous pictures to show you in another post), exercise and TWO building projects it's been CRAZY!  

All the kids are doing great and growing like weeds!! The twins are getting so big!! Here's a few new stats on them...
1). They each have four teeth and are each cutting three new ones. You would never know though that they are even teething. They are the happiest babies I've ever seen! 

2). They are crawling and can get in a squat position. All they need to do is push up & they will be standing.

3). They do sippy cups during the day but one bottle before bed. 

4). We are still doing purées. They aren't big fans of chunky or finger foods other than puffs. They can pick them up using the finger and thumb but they haven't figured out hand to mouth yet. Barrett will eat/gnaw a vanilla cookie stick but Brennen isn't a fan. 

5). They both LOVE  two blankets when they go to bed. One is their birthday gift we had custom made and the other is a blanket my SIL 's grandma crocheted them. 

6). They are BUSY BUSY BUSY boys, lol!!! 

Custom blankets

Brennen with both blankets ans his fingers (he sucks his fingers with his wrist turned up)

Their cribs!! (This is a stock photo) 

They love their handled Nuk sippy cups and I do too!! 

Look at Barrett smile! 

Geez mom a little privacy! (Brennen)

Brennen with a full morning tummy.

Playing in their new play yard! 

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