Wednesday, December 17, 2014

It's Beginning To Look Like Christmas

Oh my goodness I can't believe Christmas is in 9 days. Time has just flown!! I haven't even had a chance to write about the boys birthdays or Thanksgiving. I will have to come back and cover those fun days when the kids are on break.

Everyone is doing great!! The twins are walking everywhere and learning so much every day!! They have to be the best babies though because they are just always so happy and easy going. Yesterday Riley and I had a sitter for them but unfortunately she got a stomach virus and had to cancel. So we just took them with us to Christmas shop, Sushi lunch and then out to shop for new iphones. They just rode in the stroller so happy and fell asleep during lunch. The older kids are doing good too! School has been hard this year (expectations, amount of homework, struggles) for all three kids and they are looking forward to a break, as am I. Despite the struggles every single one of them has made honor roll but it's taken lots and lots of work and time. Riley had a four day weekend and went back to work today. He will work until Friday and then be off until after the 5th of January. I can't wait to have him home and just enjoy doing NOTHING!

So what have I been up too? I million and one things, lol!! So right after before Thanksgiving I started working on Christmas. I like to do a good mix of bought and homemade gifts. I have a lot of fun making things! As well as I took sign orders for friends (I design the photos and then I send them a link to get it printed anywhere). Here are some of my projects to date....

Hand painted pony shoes for Brit

Pony Pillow Case for Brit (made a few extras and gave to friend children's)

This was Brit's first sewing project with mom. She sewed down all the strips before we pieced it together. It's a rag blanket for her granny.

Brady wanted to give his granny birdseed as a gift so I made a custom tag

Made my older boys and my nephew some pajama pants

Made some friend some hanging towels

Heres another with a custom label

From Brennen and Barrett are their curls for their granny. She likes pink so that's why it's not a blue frame.

Teacher gift with custom tags

Made a kitty pattern for a friend and filled with flax and lavendar

Made a few to sell and they are all gone!

Whew!! I still have a few last things to do and then I'm done!! I can only sew during naptimes mostly. I hope everyone has a wonderful Christmas and I'll be back to write up the boys birthdays and Thanksgiving!!


  1. You are so kind and so very talented. I see so much My Little Pony stuff and I want to get stuff and send it to Brit but then I feel guilty about not sending stuff to the boys. And then I see the fox and other animal stuff for the twins everywhere and I want to send it all to you, because it makes me think of you and your family. Ha ha. I'm hoping to do some crafty stuff when work is done on Friday, but break is filled with a lot of appointments and a little travel so I'm trying to be realistic. I'm adjusting to all the life changes this year (three different schools with high school being so intense as well as working and working extra hours for several months while a co worker is on leave). Oh, I can so understand the school stress this year especially for my oldest. I think he is so thrilled to have some time off over break where he won't be overloaded with homework, because every break and weekend he has homework. This one he will not because mid terms are this week. I think mid terms are almost as stressful on the parents as the kids. :)

  2. You are so talented! I love seeing all the things you make!