Monday, March 9, 2015


Seventeen years ago I married the person I know God created just for me. There are so many ways to describe how I love him. He is the calm to my type A personality. He is my own personal comedian. He is my comfort and person I love to spend all my time with. I think sometimes he knows me better than I know myself. When I think about the last 17 yrs I think about all the different roads we have walked together, adoption and the birth of our twins being the two biggest. These two events brought us even closer. To stand there with him when a judge granted our petition to adopt or to have him by my head when our babies were born made me love him more than I can put into words. Sometimes I'll be thinking something and he will say it outloud. It's a joke for me to say, "Get out of my head!" when he does that. I feel so blessed to call him mine!! 

We had a full date day planned!! Riley was so excited because he had made us plans to go to a four hour cooking class. Then it got cancelled and he was so disappointed!! I was too! We decided to just spend the day hanging out until our dinner reservations. We love overnight trips but we felt that leaving the grandparents with all five kids might be a little overwhelming for them right now. Plus we never sleep well other places and our bed is pretty hard to beat! We started the day at a place called Brewed. It was so cute and very urban chic! We decided to each get a plate and share it. We had bacon, eggs, biscuits, jalapeƱo grits, and chicken n waffles with maple thyme syrup. We also had there pot of pressed coffee with fresh cream. It was amazing!! I loved he decor! 

After breakfast we ran some errands. Riley ran in someplace for a few minutes and I stayed in the car. I entertained myself taking selfies lol

There was a Carters in the vicinity and Riley said we should go look at some summer clothes for the twins. Twist my arm!! He knew I had just sold their last summers wardrobe and needed some things before the heat hits. 

My one request for the day was to grab icecream. I have been counting calories, working out and eating a really lean diet. I hadn't had any icecream in three months. He said, "Ok but first I want us to run into another store so I can show you something. I had no idea where or what we were doing! He drove up to Busy Body's. It still didn't click. Then he said, "I picked out a new elliptical but I want to make sure you like it." I think I squealed!!

Our old elliptical has 13 yrs of miles on it and it squeaks so terrible that it drives me bonkers. We've tried to oil it a few times and it still doesn't work. I was so happy!! I loved it and it will be here in two weeks!! Talk about a wonderful surprise! I actually sold our old one today to the most adorable older lady. I told her it squeaked and she told me that once she took her hearing aids out she wouldn't hear it anyway. Lol!!! After we left the store for exercise equipment we headed straight for yogurt land!! It was our lunch so we had room for dinner! 

After icecream we walked around downtown, enjoyed the shops and each other's company until dinner time. We ate at Texas de Brazil for dinner! It's our favorite place! Although I had to pace myself because I can't eat like I used too and I didn't want to leave miserable. It was all so good!!!! Afterwards we headed home to put our kids to bed and watch recorded family feud episodes lol! We love that show!! Happy 17 years with my best friend and love!! 

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