Tuesday, March 3, 2015

Emile Henry Bread Cloche

This Christmas my husband bought me the best gift....An Emile Henry Bread Cloche!!! It's been on my wish list awhile! He originally ordered it on Amazon but it delivered shattered. Then he ordered it at William Sonoma and it to delivered shattered. So then he went to the William Sonoma store and had it delivered directly to them. This one was a keeper! He said that he was panicked that it wouldn't arrive in time. They called him on Christmas Eve day that they had it!! I wondered what special errand he had that day! 

The bread cloche is amazing and worth every penny! It mimics a steam injector oven. Making hand made bread is so fun and tastes so good! No bread machines for me! The bread comes out with a beautiful flaky crust but tender inside. The way it works is you made your normal dough and let it do a 20 minute rise. Then you do the second rise in the bread cloche 45 minutes. Be sure to flour the bottom platter of the cloche well so the bread doesn't stick. Using a bread lame (much better than a knife) cut an X in the top and bake in the cloche. 

Mixing the dough with a bread wisk. 

Second rise (the lid goes on for 45 mins) 

Bread lame

Once baked!! Beautiful and perfect!! 

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