Monday, March 2, 2015

Texas hurry and bring Spring!!

Just when we thought we weren't going to have a bad winter or any school days to make up Texas went and threw us for a loop!! Last week we got freezing rain and the schools were able to make the call the night before. Let me tell you we had some happy children who got two excused days off from school (hello four day weekend)! I kept the boys home a third day (unexcused) because it was snowing and if it continued I really didn't want to get the babies out in it. I gave Brit the choice since we can walk to her school. She didn't want to lose her perfect attendance and her district had a two hour delay (11:20 start). So I threw the babies in their play area and let Brady babysit for the five minutes it took to walk her to the stop sign and watch her walk the rest. Her first period is a portable so I could see her walk in. Then I raced back. Brady is an amazing big brother and most his morning looked like this. 

On Thursday everyone went back to school! I was so happy my hair appointment didn't get cancelled!! I didn't want to have roots for my upcoming anniversary weekend! During my appointment though I started to feel really bad. I got hit with a sore throat and chills. I knew we had another storm system moving in but I also knew I had had strep at the beginning of the month. My ear acted like it was draining so I thought well it prob is this weather moving in and upped my normal dose of allergy meds when I got home. 
Here is my car selfie after my hair appointment. Be gone roots! 

Thursday night was a little rough because I was running fever and my throat killed. Friday morning I knew I better go to the doctor. Riley took the boys to school and ended up coming back home instead of going into work. He felt bad and decided working from home sounded better since he had no conferences or meetings. I was able to get ahold of our doctor as I was taking Brit to school (my doctor even answered the phone) and she said come at 10:30. When I got home I told Riley I had made an appt. At this point it had started to snow outside. Riley decided he better go to the dr too and was able to call and go in with me. My MIL was at my house with the twins and I was so happy because the day turned into one crazy mess!! We left around 9:45 and I'm glad we did because what normally takes 10 mins took all 45 minutes. The snow was falling like crazy. We got to our doctors office and sure enough both of us had strep. We snapped this fast selfie of us on our way out the door of the office. The picture does not convey how bad we felt. I didn't have on any makeup either which you know I'm sick if that happens. 
We had no idea that it would take almost THREE hours to get home (4-5 miles to our house). The snow was coming down and in downtown Ft Worth it was stacked! The schools started calling saying the boys would have a 1pm dismissal and Brit a 2pm dismissal. 
My FIL had managed to get out of downtown before it got this congested and went to my house to help with the twins. At 12:30 we called him and said can you go get the boys we are so stuck and won't make it across town in time. Thankfully he could get them. We literally pulled into Brits school right before the bell rung. We took a gamble and turned down a street that I knew would take us to a Main Street to get us home. We are pretty sure that one street saved us an HOUR of sitting time or my FIL would have been getting her too. By the time we got home we were sick and frazzled with five kids to care for. Thankfully the older kids occupied themselves with Wii and we tag teamed the babies. 

Now it's Monday and the boys/hubby are off to school and work. I still feel bad but hoping to get a few things done because this weekend is my 17th wedding anniversary and the start of spring break! Riley is home all next week and we need to sit down and plan our "stay-cation". I'm hoping the weather is nice so we can do several outings! 

Ok, I'm off. I hear the babies waking and I need to go see if Brit is ready for school (her school starts an hour and 20 mins later than the boys). 

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