Tuesday, November 27, 2012

Milestone Tuesday

Every Tuesday is a new milestone! Today is 9 weeks!! My next goal is 12 weeks, then 24 and hopefully we can go to 36-38 weeks!! One day at a time though! I feel really good and have only had two experiences of morning sickness. One thing I have to keep in mind though is even if I feel good, to still take it easy. Yesterday I was feeling great and decided to do a little light Christmas shopping. By the time I got home, sat for a minute and started dinner...... I hit a BRICK wall and spent the rest of the evening feeling bad. That wall was HARD!! I made sure to take a nap today so maybe tonight wouldn't be the same. A friend asked me what my cravings are and they are nothing what I thought they would be. I normally LOVE sweets and crave mint chocolate ice cream. Instead though I crave the craziest things!!! Tuna fish sandwiches (my dr said I could eat one every two weeks, torture because I want one every day), tangerines, lemon water, and breakfast burritos. Sweets actually don't sound good at all, except for Popsicles. 

On Saturday we took the kids to pick out their annual Christmas ornaments at Hallmark. Brit picked out a Barbie Ballerina, Brady a 1960's Ford Truck and Ben a Chuggington train. Afterwards we ran to Kohls to look at the maternity clothes. Talk about disappointment!!! They only had a small wall of clothes and nothing I could even fit my right leg into. By this time the babies were telling me it was time to EAT so we headed to Chipolte. I could eat Mexican food everyday not pregnant and pregnant well EVERYDAY for EVERY MEAL! lol. There was a Babies R Us down the street so we ran in to look around and see what we needed. We are trying to keep things on the most needed list for the time being since our house is quickly going to be smaller when the babies get here. I've had a lot of people ask me when we are moving or adding on. Neither of which will be happening! We will be staying put and def. not adding on for a while (well not adding on but going up, as we have a room upstairs we can finish out and put in a staircase). We've also been asked how we will arrange the rooms. I really have no idea right now. A lot of it because we don't know what the babies are yet. If they are one of each, it will be more manageable but if it's two boys or two girls, then that's were things get a little crazy. Then we prob. won't do any of that until the babies are much older. Ben spent the first 18 months in our room and I'm ok with that for these babies as long as they sleep good. Ben loved to sleep, but again something I won't know until they are actually here. Also, my SIL had a great point, if one's a girl, how will Brit feel about sharing a room with a five year old when she is 16?? I don't know, I've never had to do this before. All I know is that our family will make it work and God must have thought we would handle such a task. I have to admit though I get a little stressed out when I think about house space (even though  my house is 2200 sq ft and I only grew up with a family of five in approx 1600-1700sq ft), having to purchase a new vehicle and purchasing two of most things. I'm thankful I started Shaklee because the extra I make will def. help with buying baby stuff. Thankfully too the money that I have saved for Port Aransas (which won't be happening this year) can go towards supplies! Speaking of vehicles we will prob. wait until March or April to purchase a vehicle. I told Riley I wanted to have everything purchased and ready to go by April. That way we could rest and enjoy the kids last month of school before the babies come.

 I can't wait to find out what the babies are! I want to shop so badly (even though it's still early) but since I have no idea what they are, I hate to buy anything. Although if truth be told, I did buy the cutest pair of pink booties that I couldn't resist. I figure if they end up being both boys, I will hold onto them for a baby shower gift.  Oh and I went ahead and purchased Thirsties due wraps and 60 cloth-eez prefolds (cloth diapering). The sale was too good to pass up and if something happens I can sell them as a set. I clothed Ben and thankfully saved my diapers! The plan is to use pampers while they are newborns and while we are getting breastfeeding down. Then once we get that down move to the cloth diapers. It will really save us a ton of money!! As soon as the holidays are over I plan to get started on nursing pads and then once I find out the sex of the babies making burp clothes and baby shoes!! I can't wait, I'm so excited!!! The kids are so excited too. A few nights ago when I tucked Brady in he said, "I love you babies" to my tummy. Awwwww, I could have melted!!!

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