Tuesday, November 13, 2012

Finding out I'm pregnant!

Thought I should go backwards a little bit before I go forwards. Most of you know our infertility struggles and our decision to adopt. Adoption was (and still is) the most wonderful thing I’ve ever done in my life. My three children have taught me so many things about myself and who I am that I didn’t know existed until they came in the picture. While their adoption brought the thing I wanted most, to be a mother, it’s always hard to swallow that you can’t get pregnant. I’ve been an infertile for so long that it’s still sinking in that I am actually pregnant, lol. The thing I LOVE most about this pregnancy is that my three beautiful children get to be a part of it! They get to witness seeing my tummy grow and then getting to love on two sweet babies. That’s so important to me considering we did CPS adoptions, showing my children the right way to love and protect something. These babies will be a great learning tool! 

So going backwards…. What made me even take a test in the first place? Well, leading up to the positive test, I noticed that I was super emotional. I would drop Ben off at his new school and cry almost the entire way home. I felt so lost and sad because my baby wasn’t at home. Then we sat down as a family to watch a movie and I got up 8 times to pee in 45 mins. We were about to go camping and according to my iperiod app on my phone my cycle should start right before we left. Since I don’t have “regular” cycles (vary from 28-50 days) the app would average when it thought I might start. So after dropping Ben off at school I thought, “Hmm, I wonder if I should stop at Target and buy a test?” I made the stop, got me a latte, put a test in the basket and then got sidetracked by all the Thanksgiving and Christmas items they were placing on the shelves. Then I looked at toys and made plans for Christmas gifts. Finally, when I got to the check-out I remembered I had put a test in the basket. I checked out I made my way to the family bathroom with my basket of groceries. I figured it would be negative and then I could go about my day and not look back. It only took a second to pop up positive and there I was in Target bawling my head off because I couldn’t believe it. I still can’t believe it! October 29th forever changed my life. 


  1. My jaw literally hit the floor when I read your comment! I could not be more happy for you all, and wish you the best during your pregnancy! How freaking exciting! You now get to be one of those people who say party of 7!!!!

    I can't wait to follow your growing family! xx


  2. You took your test at Target? LOL That's hysterical!!

  3. Kriss, I had to come read more! This is amazing!!! What a miracle!

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    1. Well I say "story" because I just read your post about your adoptions. So the adoption/pregnancy stories. :)