Saturday, November 10, 2012

Shut the front door......

Last time I wrote I posted HERE about our pregnancy. It was such a shock! The next step was getting to meet my new doctor and get my first ultrasound. Well, let me just say that God had some amazing plans for us because.....

Here is my facebook entry....
 How it all went down: Today I had my first ob appt with my new doctor (last week my appt was with his nurse). Riley met me there. We spent a lot of time going over my labs and talking about my lack of a thyroid, pituitary tumor, and high blood pressure. I had to change ob’s because mine literally delivered her 
last baby two weeks ago. She is doing more cosmetic and only gyn care now. So I was really
 nervous about meeting the new doctor but he seems really nice and I will trust him to take on my care. We talked about my betas. My first one was 2910 and my second one five days later was        17, 575. He said first let’s make sure through ultrasound that the baby is viable and then we will go from there. He took me first down to ultrasound and then would bring Riley and Ben down to be with me. That is when I started crying and I knew he was a good doctor when he grabbed my hand and said, “It’s all going to be ok” and didn’t leave my side through the entire sonogram. Riley and Ben were there but kinda of up against the wall because the room was SMALL! Riley was saying, “Baby it’s a God thing, it’s ok.” When my sono popped up on the big tv screen I INSTANTLY saw the two sacks and said, “OMG RILEY WE ARE HAVING TWINS.” My doctor said, “Yes ma’am you sure are.” That is when the water works broke even more and Riley is going “What, what, OMG, YES, we did it!” Ben says, “Mommy are you ok, are you sick?” because I was crying so hard. Both babies had their own sacks, fetal poles and we heard both their heart beats. I am a week behind what we though. So the babies are 6 weeks and 3 days. Riley is just beyond himself excited and I think he has texted everyone in his phone. My neighbor texted me and said he did a dance in the driveway! Lol. As soon as the appt was over I called my brother and my SIL to tell them. Then we drove to Riley’s parents to show them (they had to pick up the older B’s since our appt ran over). We asked the kids how they would feel about two babies and they didn’t really understand. We showed them the pictures and the boys were like, ok and ran off. Brit looked star struck. My Inlaws couldn’t believe it but they are so excited. I can’t believe it myself. Shocked is not even the right word. I need a day to wrap my brain around this. God is good. I learned a very powerful lesson. He ALWAYS provides and he always answers prayers just in HIS timing. Oh and after ALL this time seeing doctors and fertility specialists (back in the day) I found out I have a heart shaped uterus. Wow, interesting! Which took my already high risk pregnancy to extra extra whole new level. :)


  1. Oh. My. I am soooo happy for you!

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