Monday, August 25, 2014


Today was the first day of school!!! This is the first year we haven't all gone as a family to take kids on the first day. :( Riley took the boys and he had to hustle because he had an important meeting with an international partner that started at 8am. I stayed back because the babies were sound asleep IN THEIR NEW ROOM (pics coming as soon as I hang up pictures). Brit goes from 9:20 to 4:20 so Granny came over to sit with the twins so I could focus on Britney. It was crazy at her school but we got her schedule, settled and then headed home. Granny and I decided a Hobby Lobby trip plus StarBucks was absolutely necessary! I think other moms had the same idea because I saw lots at both places (lots of babies in strollers, lol). Another summer down (and survived!!) and a toast to a wonderful new year! I honestly have spent the rest of the day relaxing because I needed a much deserved break!! Tomorrow I have plans with my sister in law for lunch! Then hopefully I'll get some painting done later this week or next. 

First day pictures!! 

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  1. happy first day of school! Brit is just beautiful!