Monday, August 18, 2014

The tale end of summer

Summer is almost coming to an end. It went by so fast! This year is a little different and new because our baby girl is starting middle school.  She will be embarking on a new journey because not only is she starting middle school but she will be attending a new school with no previous friends. Riley and I went back and forth but we feel really good with our decision. We opted to put her in a school that would be easy for me to get to her with babies in tow and let me be more envolved. The boys will still go to the same elementary school they've been attending. This new school will also allow us to spend more time together as she doesn't have to be at school until after 9am. As well as she will be able to finish out the next 7 years in one place! She was apart of all the decisions and she is super excited. I took her last week to register and she is all set! She will be in choir and is looking forward to that! As well as she will continue with her ballet company. 

How did she go from this (we had her 6 days here and she is holding Brady)

To this beauty....

Did you notice her hair got cut? She got a horrible knot in the back of her hair. We tried everything to comb it out but it was a big mess!! She was tired of sleeping with braids to keep it from knotting and tired how long it took to comb/wash and dry. So we chopped it! I'm curious to see how ballet buns work but she loves it and that's all that matters. In 6 months she will be 13. Time is flying to fast! I bought her a middle school gift and she is all set with her own translucent powder, brushes, blush, mascara (clear) and lip gloss. She is all set!!

On Saturday Riley and I put the tools down to have some fun with the older B's. We had invitation to Alley Cats in Arlington. Britney's second grade teacher came over (she is a great friend) and watched the twins for us! I was so glad we got a sitter because that place was so loud. There was no way I could have had fun with the kids and kept babies happy. We got to bowl, do laser tag, rock climb and play arcade games. 

The boys riding one of the games. They are already planning our next trip! 

In 11 days we get to celebrate a very special anniversary!! 9 years ago we adopted Britney and Brady and 6 years ago we adopted Ben! We are taking the kids to go eat at the Cheesecake Factory!! Can't wait! 

I better get off and get ready for bed. I'll leave you with some twin pics! 

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