Tuesday, April 22, 2014


Britney has been super stressed the last few weeks because of STARR testing. We did everything we could do, to help her be successful with this state testing. Since she has a 504/IEP (education plan) I had set it up for her to take the modified version and extra time if needed as well as have the test read to her (that way she could pace herself). We also told her to try her best and that was all we expected from her. I won't lie I was worried because she isn't a good test taker and lots of things were riding on this test. If she didn't pass she would have up to two more chances to pass it (although I would have called an ARD and requested she not retake it a third time), possible tutoring after school, summer school & the diagnostician said she would have to take two math classes as well as two English classes and lose an elective for middle school. Also my kids do not go to school in the district that we will live in and passing these awful state tests is a factor in attending their schools. Especially since she is starting a brand new school this year and I wanted her to stay with her friends. She came home on Thursday jumping up and down because she PASSED the reading part and would know the math on Friday. I asked her how she thought she did on the math? My confident sweet  girl said (with a hand on her hip and a flip of her hand), "I think I did good because I proved my answers!" Well, on Friday she came bouncing in and said, "MOMMA MOMMA I passed the math!!! Whoop whoop!!!! Yay!! So on Saturday she got to pick dinner and dessert out to celebrate her accomplishment!! She picked Mexican Inn for dinner and DairyQueen for ice cream!! 
We are so proud of our bright young lady!! Tomorrow she takes the science part but that doesn't hinder her on anything if she passes or fails. After tomorrow she will have 27 days left of elementary school. Sniff sniff :(( She is growing up so fast!! What happened to my little three year old with the big blue eyes? She is turning into a beautiful young lady and every day she shines brighter and brighter! God has big plans for her! I'm so proud to get to be the one to lead her and teach her things! 

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