Wednesday, April 9, 2014

Sunny Day

Stopping by for just a few minutes while the boys digest their breakfast and watch a few minutes of cartoons. It's only 9:40 and it's been a busy morning. Riley had an early morning business meeting so he was out the door extra early. Granny came over and picked them up for school so I didn't have to wake the twins. They slept in so I was able to get two cups of coffee down (bliss!), a few chores, dinner in the crockpot (chipolte lime green chili chicken), schedule a dentist appt for Brady (needed this before his orthodontist appt), paint primer on a craft and just sit for a while! Here in just a few minutes going to put on some tennis shoes and take them on a long walk. It's so nice and sunny outside! When we get get back I'll put the boys down for a nap and I'll work on some Shaklee business. I love that I can work when I want too and as much as I want too. I found out yesterday not only did I make an awesome paycheck but my director is sending me some beautiful earrings for exceeding my goal! Whoohoo!!

Over the weekend Riley and I started a very exciting project!! In 2006 we added approx. 1000 sqft to our home. It was the best decision ever (and trust me when I say we explored every thought on moving or building a new home). When we did the addition the only room we didn't finish was the addition (12x12) to the kitchen/pantry/mud room. I'm really glad we didn't finish the room because six months after we did the addition we got Ben. All the ideas for that room stopped because we had a baby, baby gear and adoption expenses. Then 6 years passed and our needs changed. So about the time we started thinking about about doing this room...surprise..more babies! So now babies are here and again our needs have changed. In this room currently is my sewing table, shelving, a freezer and a shoe rack. The plan is to move our washer and dryer to the new location and have custom cabinets built to match our kitchen custom cabinets. Then where our washer and dryer are now will be new cabinetry and we plan to open the wall to make the house more open! Yet, we can't start this project until we move my sewing table. I have NO where to craft. When I do projects I get frustrated because I can't walk away from it and come back to it. I also DO SO MANY crafts with so many different tools and materials. So it ends up being here and there and there... which drives my OCD crazy. Bahahhaah! Since Riley can work from home he wanted a space to be able to work and not interrupt the daily routine with upcoming toddlers. So we decided to build a craftroom for me and office for him. We had to cut down one tree at the back of the property which was done two Monday's ago. On Saturday he started the build!! It will take us several weeks because he really only has Saturday and Sunday to work on it. We also will prob have some raining days. What this means is next spring we will be able to finish the kitchen and it will meet the needs of this big family! Yay!!! Also it means... HELLO TWO DRYERS!! I told Riley my must have is two stacking dryers. Washing doesn't take any time but drying for a big family takes all day long.
Here is the first picture before construction started...
The skunk is our dog whiskey's toy, lol  

Stay tuned for more as we make progress!! Ok, I need to scoot. Time to put on those tennis shoes and get my steps in for the day! Here is a picture of the boys on our walk Friday night. They giggled the entire walk until they passed out.

 Oh and I have to share this little gem. Brennen loves it when his sissy comes home from school. She can't wait to feed him his "milk snack" before dinner.

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:) Kriss

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