Saturday, April 26, 2014

Twins Birthday Planning & Ronald McDonald House

With my twins birthday coming up I am reminded how fortunate and blessed we are to have healthy children. This is something I never take for granted. When we started planning their first birthday one thought that just kept coming to mind was how could we bless other people. We decided that in lieu of gifts that we would ask our friends and family to instead bring a donation for our local Ronald McDonald. This organization is near and dear to my heart. You get to learn something new about me today.... when I was a child I lived at Ronald McDonald house in Denver, Colorado and in Kansas City, Missouri. I couldn't recall how long or how many times (as I was only around five) but we did. The memories I have are fond ones and when we couldn't be home, we had a home away from home. I can remember getting to go down to the toy closet and picking out a new toy. To a five year old that was awesome! We have been talking about it with our older kids and they are super excited to take a donation down to the house! I think that this will be something we continue even after the party is over. There is a real need and it's easy to grab a few extra things from the store to bless a family with a sick child. The reason I am posting this though is so maybe you might also want to help your local Ronald McDonald House.
Here is what I am attaching to the invites...

Here is a simple link for you to print your own (minus my children's names!). Go HERE to download your copy! You might have to log into Scribd.
Have a wonderful Saturday!!

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