Thursday, April 3, 2014

Morning funny...

If you love the movie Office Space this will make you laugh... 

This is my sweetie Barrett. Brennen was still napping. Every time I look at this picture I bust out laughing! 

Later when he woke up I snapped this photo
He was more interested in sucking his fingers than taking a picture. Notice how he sucks his fingers? It's always these two fingers and always with his hand flipped. Can you see Barrett's tiny little hint of a tooth? In this picture it's hard to tell but he has both bottom teeth. Brennen has the same. Their hair is all whompy. Granny came over during bath time and did little curls on their heads. They looked like Cupie dolls! Oh my gosh I'm having the time of my life right now! These little guys take my breathe away many times a day. I've been teaching them sign. Brennen is still working on it but Barrett can clap if you say "patty cake" or "clap" or "yay". He can also sign "more". They both can say "Dada" & "Mama". It's super cute when they wake up because I hear in unison, "Mamamamama". They have to be the happiest babies ever because they always wake up in the best mood. 
Aren't they gorgeous!! 

They are also learning to scoot and semi crawl. Brennen can get anywhere he wants. If he hears the older B's in a different room he will go "find" them! I need to grab a picture of this but Ben has taken to reading them stories! Yes my sweet little six year old is an amazing reader!! So if they don't have any homework Brit and Ben take turns reading to them! I'm so proud! 

Well, coffee and blog time are over. :))) See you soon! 

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