Monday, March 31, 2014

Last day of March!!

It's early here and we have tree trimmers coming to trim the limbs over the house and cut a few small trees at the very back of our property!!! This means after today we can start a big dream come true project! I'll be sure to share along the way and I plan to do a post on it soon!! 

I also wanted to remind those that emailed me about the March special that it ends today!! A free Lifetime membership and free product is a great deal!!

The last few days have been busy busy! I've been working on a dresser redo. When I was pregnant my husband painted it Navy for me but after he finished it I HATED it! I didn't want to tell him though because we were running around trying to get ready for twins and then we moved it into another room anyway. So over nap times the last few days I painted that baby and now I LOVE it!!! It's amazing what new paint and new knobs can do!! I forgot to take a before shot other than half way through! Oh well!! This gives you an idea of the color and knobs. 

Finished!!! I used Valspar paint and I ordered glass knobs on Amazon (8 for around $13). 

One last thing before I scoot for the day...... I debated sharing this now but decided it would be fun to share along the way! Can you believe the twinlets will be ONE year in two months?? Birthday plans are underway!! I'll leave you with this picture... Can't wait to show you what I've been working on. Stay tuned!!

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