Monday, March 24, 2014

My Little Ponies : Hot Mess Hair

Do your children have a favorite toy that is always in their hand? My son Ben LOVES My Little Pony. I was noticing that his ponies were what I would call, "Grubby". His beloved Ponies sleep with him, go on car rides, show in tell at school, to restaurants, watch cartoons with him, he plays school with them and the ponies have seen many a Lego car or Match Box car ride, lol!! I'm not really even sure how they became his favorite toy other than big sister and him love to watch the cartoon and act out the scenes. His favorite pony is Apple Jack. Once we had gone to the eye doctor and the doctor had to put the dreaded dilating drops in his eyes. He had a pony in his hand and I told him, "Benny if you be a good boy and let the doctor look in your eyes I will take you to Target and let you pick out a new pony." Those sweet little blue eyes looked back at me and said, "Mommy, can I get Apple Jack?" I panicked a little because I had no idea if Target would have Apple Jack. SO I said, "If they don't have Apple Jack I bet they have another pony you want." They did have Apple Jack and he was one happy boy. He was four then, sniff sniff, time goes way to fast! I miss my little four year old going to Target with me! 

Here below is the picture I took after we bought the pony (ignore the big blue stain on his shirt, we had an icy accident at the store lol). Can you see the purple pony in his hand? Oh my, this picture takes me back to that day. I just adore him!

Anyway, his ponies needed a good scrubbing. So I scrubbed and disinfected them with Basic G! Their hair was a hot mess so I thought maybe I would groom them a little. 

Have you ever had to groom doll hair before? To groom doll hair you need a few things.... a spray bottle, some fabric softener, water and a GOLD golf ball brush (I bought the brush at Walmart for a few dollars). This is the same kind of tool they use at the American Doll Store on the dolls. Brit and I use this same technique on her American Girl and Barbies.

I mixed up a little bit of water and my favorite Shaklee Fabric Softner in a spray bottle. I love this product because it's non-toxic, biodegradable, and has no phosphates (equals safe for my kids skin!)

 First you want to spray the hair until damp and then comb with the GOLD end of the brush. This is before combing. Take it section by section.
Once you're done you will have smooth pony hair again!! 

I had one happy happy boy when he got home and saw his ponies all clean!!! I feel better because they aren't a germy mess! :))

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