Wednesday, March 26, 2014

Twin Post

I thought I would stop real fast and do a quick twin post! I'm in a race against time this morning. Babies just finished their morning bottles and are playing at my feet. As soon as their food digests a little we will work on sitting up and playing with blocks and stacking rings. After that I will put them in their exersaucers to play near me while I paint a dresser! They LOVE their exersaucers!!! Then it will be lunch time and naptime. During their naptime I will run around here doing a few daily chores. What are your daily chores? Since I have two older boys I make sure and wipe down our bathrooms every single day. Makes real bathroom cleaning simple and easy!! I also take my small stickvac to the bathrooms for easy fuzzy and hair removal! Speaking of bathrooms I wanted to share this new toilet seat I bought for my kids bathroom. Our bathroom needed a new toilet seat because it's seen three kids potty training. Those toddler potty seats that sit on the toilet are a beating to painted wood seats because my kids would slam it down on top rubbing the paint off. With two little boys potty training in the future I knew I must have it!! I love it because the toddler seat is built into the lid. Also, it's no slam so no little fingers will get pinched. The best feature is the back has unlock and lock mechanisms that allow you to unlock and pop the seat right off to truly clean the back of the toilet!!! I also LOVE it because right now we don't need the toddler seat so I haven't put it on yet! Best invention EVER!! You can purchase it HERE
Anyway, I got super excited about a toilet seat that I got distracted.....

The twins! Oh my gosh those little boys are just amazing! I might be a little biased but they bring so much fun and joy to our home. Right now they are weighing a little under 16 pounds. They LOVE to eat! Last night I pureed fresh kale and spinach for them to go with their chicken plus a side of applesauce. They gobbled that up and started signing and screaming for more food. So I heated up some acorn squash. They gobbled that. Barrett was still hungry so I gave him some yobaby yogurt. Finally he was satisfied! They must be going through a growth spurt! I went to Carters last week during an amazing sale and got them the cutest spring and summer wardrobe! Riley says, "Honey aren't baby dolls." Sure they are, wink wink!

Ok, I'm out of time but I will leave you with some pictures!! When I am cooking I will give them fruit or avocado into the mesh feeders. Keeps them busy!! Messy but that's what soap/Shaklee Laundry soap is for, right?? lol! Barrett prefers to use his as a drum but Brennen goes to town.

Barrett on the left and Brennen on the right

Brennen is a strawberry face

Working on fine motor skills. They LOVE to pick up the puffs but won't eat them. Barrett left, Brennen right


  1. I am going to look into that toilet seat!!!!! Thanks for sharing. I have 20mo old B/G twins. Yours are so cute!! Have you had them tested to see if they're identical? They look EXACTLY alike to me!

    1. Kristina, they are identical! They tested the placenta after they were born! Such a surprise for us because the entire pregnancy we were told fraternal. How exciting to have 20mth b/g twins!! Thanks for reading!! :))