Sunday, March 23, 2014

Frozen: Family Movie Night

A few weeks ago Amazon had a great pre-order deal on the movie Frozen. With having new babies it's hard to take the kids to the movies so when I saw this deal I immediately started planning a movie night! The kids had no idea I purchased the movie nor when it came in the mail. On Saturday mid morning I told them tonight is Family Movie night and they anxiously waited all day to find out the feature film. I asked them what they wanted for dinner and they all wanted pizza. Since Brit and I needed to go pick up her new glasses we picked up all the indrediants for homemade pizza!! Brit got a lesson in yeast and kneading dough! When we make pizza we use these awesome restaurant grade pizza screens I bought at the restaurant supply store! They are the best ever to cook pizza on!! It really grabs the dough and the bottoms come out perfect, not soggy! Also, a large rectangle baking stone helps make the crust perfect (I bake loaves of bread on it too!!). The baking stone was around $50 but I've used it for YEARS! Should be a staple in any kitchen that wants to bake artisan breads and such!
I have found some great kitchen must haves at the Restaurant Suppy! Have you ever shopped at Restaurant Suppy for kitchen items?  
(Pics from Ace Restarurant Supply)
Here is our pizza before going in the oven

After baking!! Yum!!!! 

We sat down to a wonderful pizza feast!! While they were all off playing I set up a "candy bar" and popped some popcorn!! 

They were all so surprised it was Frozen! I love movie nights because the kids bring their bedding into our den and cuddle up on the floor. The babies were right in the mix of it! 
Do you have movie nights at your house? 
Have you see the movie Frozen? It's super cute!!! 
-Kriss :))

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